Castellmare Drive

Pacific Palisades, California

Originally an existing two-story house with a garage below, Castellamare Drive is located on a very steep hillside lot in Pacific Palisades. The main spaces, living room, dining room, and kitchen, located on the top floor, take full advantage of spectacular ocean views. The main entrance was also located on the top story, fifty-five steps from the street.

The challenge was to renovate and enlarge a 1920's Spanish-style house, improve the entrance and ease of transporting household items from the first-story garage to the fourth-story kitchen. new foundations for this hillside location would have made the project financially infeasible.

The solution was to add an entire story between the existing garage and second-story supported by the existing garage retaining wall. The new "second-story" provided the expansion area and a formal stairway with an entrance situated closer to the street. A key component of the design was the complex addition of a four-story elevator located within the existing house. Renovations include a new master suite, bedroom, family room, kitchen, and a large deck on the fourth floor.

Special recognition and gratitude to the Structural Engineer, Joe Hoffmayer, and the Owners for their perseverance and imagination through the entire process.

Structural Engineer: Richmond Hoffmayer